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Let’s jump start joy for your podcast!

Launch Your Podcast: Consulting

You love podcasts and want to start one. You’re in a service based industry like coaching, a medical field, or a blogger, and you know WHAT you want to say, you just don’t know HOW to do it. Enter the Mary Poppins of podcast creation … me. We’ll work together to identify your show, the name, frequency, format, and the nuts and bolts. You’ll head out to record your show knowing what you need and feeling good about it.

Investment for Coaching to launch your podcast: $750, which includes 3 private coaching calls, a copy of my “Jump Start Your Podcast” workbook, and either a content development strategy session, or a “set it and forget it” concierge service to add your show to a host service and get it linked to iTunes, Google podcasts, and Stitcher. Depending on your level of comfort with the tech and content creation, you may choose to sign up for additional sessions.

To start: Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me.

Podcast Audit

You have a show and you’d like for someone to take a fresh look at it, and send you a shiny report with things that are working and areas with room for improvement. The audit includes looking at your content, niche, sound quality, where your show is published, and your site and social media. I do the audit, share a report, and then offer two weeks of email support to answer questions after you receive your report.

Investment: $350

To start: Fill out this short form, and I will be in touch.

Podcast Production

You have a show, or are launching one, and want to be able to record your episode, and then have it auto-magically appear on iTunes, with your social media and site updated with each episode.

Having been in production with my own show since 2015, I have a team that can expertly take your show from recording to live, and leave you free to do the other things you love in your business.

Investment: Will be different for each show, depending on frequency and the length of your episodes. Let’s have a call to determine what you need!

To start: Schedule a consult with me, and we’ll go over your needs and I’ll create a proposal for you.