I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with many amazing clients. From one on one work, to taking my podcast class, to attending various retreats and classes, here are a few of the things they’ve said about our time together:

One on One coaching

“Paula is one of the most delightful souls I’ve met on my personal development journey. She’s down to earth and present with you, with incredible insight and space that makes you feel comfortable discussing any topic. With her guidance, I was able to recognize the places where I was selling myself short, discover why I was engaging in behaviors that didn’t serve me, and make a real change. Top it off with her uncanny way of making you laugh and you’ve got a life coach who you can build a lasting relationship with. I cannot recommend working with her enough.” – Ann N

“With over a year of experience working with Paula, I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone looking to explore areas in life that continue to hold them back from feeling fulfilled. I love knowing that I can put things that come up on the back burner and wait to talk to Paula about them to help gain clarity. Sometimes I plan what I’d like to talk about prior to our calls (noting area’s I’m feeling “stuck” or things I have to accomplish but can’t seem to get past). Other times I show up for our coaching session empty handed but in need of a chat to get my motor going again. Not knowing what to expect, Paula always comes through with her ability to create motivational conversation around topics and questions that help me to move forward. With Paula’s expertise I’ve enjoyed the luxury of unbiased views on topics that come up everyday: navigating personal relationships, gaining support and encouragement for creative business endeavors, and learning how to regroup and regain strength after a job loss.” – Jen K.

“Working with Paula was amazing. and I learned a lot about myself. She has the knowledge, background and a warm heart to help me in this process. I loved the support encouragement and insights. She held a sacred space for me.” – Paola

“Working with Paula has been quite a rewarding and enriching experience. Her gentle style and unwavering support for me in our sessions has allowed me to tap deeper into what’s really going on with me. Over the course of our work, I’ve grown and changed. While I did the work myself, it was with Paula’s assistance and guidance. Anyone looking for a heart-centered, loving coach should consider working with Paula.” – Addie

“Paula is open minded and non-judgmental. She helped me to explore many sides of my life that I needed help changing and gave me the push I needed to move my life to another level. I felt Paula was a calming and her sense of humor made it easy for me to open up about personal issues. I would definitely recommend her as a life coach. Thank you, Paula for what you helped me to achieve!” – T.N.

“I came to Paula feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and she welcomed everything I was feeling with spacious love and dove deep into the heart of what I wanted to create. With playfulness and encouragement, she helped me come home to my spirit and what led me to begin my business in the first place.  I left our calls feeling totally embraced, lit up, and with a fresh outlook on the things that previously kept me stuck.” – Shila

For the Podcasting Bootcamp: Jump Start Your Podcast

” There are “how-to” courses for starting a podcast and then, there is Jump Start Your Podcast.  Paula’s course offers a unique perspective that is not just the nuts and bolts and technical “how to’s” of getting your podcast launched; she can also provide intuitive insight to help you discover fears that are keeping you from realizing that dream. Paula is a powerful life coach and her guidance really helped me overcome unexpected vulnerability when I launched the Midlife Schmidlife podcast. Point blank, my podcast most likely wouldn’t have happened and would still be one of those things I want to do “some day.” If you are thinking about starting a podcast, Jump Start Your Podcast is the ONLY online course I would consider.” Liz Applegate, Midlife Schmidlife

“Paula’s first-hand experience with her own successful podcast, coupled with her training and sensibility as a transformative life coach, was a fabulous combination. She created a welcoming community among the participants, shared her personal words of wisdom and tested tactics, and developed clear documentation to go along with the engaging group calls. I would highly recommend Jumpstart your Podcast to anyone looking for a personal guide and comprehensive training at the start of their podcast journey. “- JN

Other Classes and Retreats

“Many many thanks again also for the Courageous Purpose Class — it was inspiring and I felt the company of others on the journey — that `I am not in this alone´ kind of feeling.” Fabiola Benevente,

“It created the space for each and everyone of us get insights and inspiration and practical steps to put our dreams into action. I love that each speakers is so different and the uniqueness of their experience made ideas that they presented so adaptable to each one of us. I love that it was real, with real presenters, speaking about real life and struggles.” P.D.

“Thank you again for a truly great experience with YCP ~ it was very good and wonderful to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

“What a great class Paula led! YCP is an opportunity to re-work, re-think any number of topics that regularly cruise through your life. Paula brought her joy, her wonder and her true compassion to the experience ~ amazing combination! Thanks Paula!” – Lisa