So Many Doors

As part of the upcoming threshold retreat, I’ve been looking for 60-70 pictures of doors. Each participant will get one, with a quote on the back. I’ve really enjoyed looking at all of the doors, and seeing the many different kinds. For a long time, I’ve enjoyed photographing flowers because I feel like they display

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O Holy Night

My family has a long history in the Southwest, and the images of the desert are a familiar part of my past. As a small child, we would drive around the neighborhoods of town on Christmas Eve and one of my favorite parts was to see the luminaria along the driveways. A luminaria is a

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Office Cheer and Prizes, and More About the New Year’s Eve Retreat

Today one of our art directors brought by this little gem, a Santa asking, “Penguins?” I’ve long admired this guy’s work, and this illustration made me giggle. Especially since he signed it “YAY! Shawn.” My co-workers were quite generous, and other little gifts (booty socks, Peets cards) were exchanged. Our boss took us for a

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Of Castles

I was reminded today of a trip I took last year with my parents, to Scotland, to celebrate my Dad’s retirement. It was an amazing trip; I was so glad to have been able to spend time exploring the Scottish towns and countryside with my very awesome parents. We had a great time, saw many

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