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Lexi Koch on The Courage of Being Vulnerable

My friend Lexi Koch is an intuitive life transformation coach, and she knows a lot about the courage it takes to be vulnerable. We met in the Courageous Living Coach Certification, and I was super happy to have her on the show. After college, Lexi became a social worker, and then got more and more interested in being a farmer. She has co-founded a nonprofit gardening program for the local school district that helps introduce local children to the joys of farming. Enjoy this conversation with Lexi Koch on the courage of being vulnerable.

After buying her own farm, becoming a yoga instructor, and building a house with her husband, Lexi had her son. Lexi shares the story here of how finding out, only 2.5 weeks after he was born that he had Cystic Fibrosis, changed her life. I’m really honored to have Lexi on to share about her life journey, and how it has led her to being a life coach. I know that you will be touched by her story, and motivated by her drive to help others on this Earth.

Lexi Koch on the Courage of Being Vulnerable

In this episode, Lexi Koch and I talk about the following:

(4:25) Lexi tells us about her early sparks of joy riding horses
(5:50) Lexi’s path to become an intuitive transformative life coach and owning her own flower farm, including the path of being a social worker, to working on and managing a farm, and empowering young people
(7:30) the thriving non-profit farm that Lexi started to teach young people about farming
(8:30) how the beauty of nature inspired Lexi and kept her going
(9:50) How Lexi and I both connect with nature in times of transition
(11:00) the low lying, chronic angst that Lexi felt (even when she was doing so many things she loved), and the universe’s nudge to figure out what was “missing”
(11:30) how the birth of her son, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, caused everything in Lexi’s life to shift.
(17:00) what holding on to the belief that things will get better meant for Lexi, and how it helped her change her build her “grit”
(19:00) Lexi’s reaction to her brother’s reassurance that “even if it’s (the diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis) is positive, it’s going to be positive.”
(21:00) why it’s a human tendency to not accept support when faced with hard things
(24:00) how making ourselves vulnerable adds to our own “personal wellness account”
(26:00) the amazing nature of synchronicity and how it plays in to coaching (and Lexi’s clients)
(27:00) how getting in tune with her own body has given Lexi a great tool to be aware of, and tackle, things that come up in our lives (and what happens when we go towards discomfort in our lives). How the pain or discomfort within our bodies may be a gentle “love note” of something our body needs, but does not have the language to tell us about, in another way.
(31:00) what the emotions of burn out, overwhelm may be trying to tell us, or ask for when we feel them
(32:00) the mentality of having to prove oneself, or prove one’s worth, by DOing more, work harder, be focused, complete a list, versus being in tune with emotional needs and being vulnerable enough to share what they are
(34:00) Lexi talks about her interview series on women who “give give give,” which has shown her that women embody an internal code on how to deal with the stress and overwhelm of life (some ideas: journaling on a personal mission statement, dance parties, tapping / EFT)
(37:00) How to figure out what works for YOU when you’re trying to balance stress and overwhelm in your life (including two practices to try, now)
(43:00) The boundaries Lexi has set up in her own life to give her space to practice self care.
(45:00) How to get closer to your kids, and be more present with them
(49:00) What might surprise you about being a life coach, and doing that work
(51:00) The quiz on Lexi’s site that you can take to determine if your feeling of being overwhelmed is trying to tell you something
(54:00) Lexi’s ideas on how to bring you dream into action
(55:00) Lexi answers the question of how to jump start your joy.


Lexi’s website.
Women who give, give, give series on Lexi’s site
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Lexi Koch on the Courage of Being Vulnerable