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$20 Thrift Store Challenge!

This weekend I took part in the Young House Love $20 Thrift Store Challenge. We were in San Jose, and decided to see what we could find at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. If you haven’t been to the ReStore, it’s awesome. We found our medicine cabinets there at $125 each. And it’s my go to place to stock up on painter’s tape, brushes, light switch covers, etc. It’s hit or miss, as they don’t stock specific items, but instead sell things that are donated or that they are not going to use in one of the Habitat for Humanity houses.

Anyway, back to the challenge. Here I am with my $20 bill in front of the ReStore.

$20 thrift store challenge

We did a couple of laps up and back in the store, and then I saw “it.” A gorgeous brass and hand painted ceramic chandelier. And when I saw it, I squealed, I ran around in a circle, and did a dance, and could not actually find the words to adequately explain my excitement. Then Sean asked if I wanted it, and I said “YES!”

But there was no price on it. Anywhere. So we asked the manager and he looked it up and down and said, “Twenty dollars.”

I have no idea how or why this amazing chandelier was $20, but it was. I had completely forgotten about the challenge, and moved it up to the front of the store before I recalled that I was supposed to take a picture of it.

So here she is at the front:

$20 thrift store challenge

And this is the shelf I found her on, down on the bottom:

$20 thrift store challenge

And lastly, here is my lovely in our kitchen. I really can’t wait to get her all all cleaned up and hung in the dining room. I’m thinking some little shades might add a little modern update to her. Otherwise, she’s all I’ve ever wanted in a light fixture 🙂 and I’m so excited about the Spanish flair she’ll add to our little casita!

$20 thrift store challenge