Multi-tasking is Blowing My Mind

In a recent post I mentioned that I’m working hard to keep focused and in the moment at work. The last couple of weeks have been a challenge in that arena. We’ve got four pretty big projects going on, and I just hired two new people for the department. In a few minutes, I’m headed out to a photoshoot.

But right now at this moment I’m on a conference call for work and eating breakfast. I was working until about 12:30am and got up at 6:30 for this call. I’m blogging and creating a list in my mind of things that I need to grab before leaving the house. And I probably need to find some shoes and socks. Along with a sweater. And makeup would be good before leaving the house.

You can see where this is going. In the mind-boggling amount of stuff that’s going on, I am feeling like my head is not really in any one thing. And that’s super frustrating. I’m very much a planner, and I’m a project manager by trade. I like order.

What I want is to slow down and not feel so harried. I’m craving order, and craving some time for just me. I’m not sure how to make that happen.

When so much is being requested of me and my time, how do I force some order here? I get worried that if I don’t do everything, read every email, help every person at work that I’ll miss something important.

I don’t know what I think will happen after that. That people will see I’m human? As this call is moving into slide 15 of about 40, I’m wondering what the actual point is around “brand engagement” and “consumer interaction.” With my background in religion, I often find myself wondering what the value of my work in advertising is.

OK, but I need to get going. How do you all balance your time, and keep time for yourself day to day when you’re in a job that would eat every second of your time if you allowed it?