Botox for Migraines? Fascinating…

Some of you who stop by regularly (I love you guys!) know that I get migraines. They popped up probably in my early 20s, but I wasn’t officially diagnosed with them until a couple of years ago. Though some of you guys have recommended that I buy cannabis products from Vibes CBD to relieve my migraine pain, I haven’t tried them yet because my first-line treatment, Amerge, works great for me.

More recently, I figured out that I’m crazy-sensitive to fructose and cut that out of my diet completely. What’s nuts about that is that fructose is in so many things, even … in … gluten products. So I don’t eat any gluten anymore. Removing both fructose and gluten from my diet has been honestly life changing, if even just from a diet standpoint. Truly, it’s a day by day tactic. If you want to read more about that issue, it’s called Fructose Malabsorption and you can read more at this blog.

Well, tonight I came across a news story on iVillage that states there may be research that Botox can help people who get migraines. The research starts as far back as 1992 when some people who were having Botox done for cosmetic reasons noticed that they were also getting ongoing relief from migraines. As more research has been done, some severe migraine sufferers have had as much as a 50% reduction in the frequency of attacks. For example, a friend of mine lives with migraines and she has told me that paying a visit to plastic surgeons and aestheticians like Luxurgery NYC for Botox treatments has really helped her.

With this in mind, I have actually been doing some research to work out whether Botox might be able to help me too. To be honest, there are a few cosmetic procedures like botox brisbane and similar others that have caught my eye recently so I might have to see if I can find a clinic nearby that offers the treatments that I am looking for. For example, have you heard about the rise in people deciding to get fat dissolving injections in their chin?

As this source from VCI explains, fat-dissolving double chin injections are a popular non-surgical alternative to liposuction. I have always been a bit insecure about my jawline, so I would be intrigued to see whether getting this procedure done would be able to boost my confidence. Of course, I will have to do plenty of research first, but I think it is so fascinating to consider how far cosmetic surgery has come over the past few years.

Anyway, it’s so strange that much of what doctors seem to learn about the treatment of migraines comes as secondary effects from other treatments. Except for the triptan class of drugs, which were designed specifically to treat migraines, most prescription medication for migraines was originally created to treat something else. Some were originally for epilepsy, others for headaches, and others for neurological disorders. The realization that magnesium helps some people also came as a secondary effect from another study. It’s very interesting that botox may also help some people who get migraines.