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Free Wallpaper Download: Excuses Rob Us Of Possibilities in the Future

Embracing my new found title of “The Excuse Buster,” I tweeted this quote … “Excuses Rob Us of Possibilities in the Future.” It came to me after writing my last post. I paired it with a photo of a passionflower on a cement floor. Hardy and gorgeous, the passionflower grows on anything, anywhere, and looks like an alien plant. I love them. Like most of nature, they have no room for excuses.

So, download the size you want. Use it on your computer, your phone, wherever you need a little reminder to focus on what needs to be done, and bust some of your own excuses.

Excuses Image: iPhone Wallpaper Download
Excuses Image: iPhone 5 Wallpaper Download
Excuses Image: 1280 x 1024 Wallpaper Download
Excuses Image: 1024×768 Wallpaper Download
Excuses Image: 1600×900 Wallpaper Download

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