Journaling Your Way Through Life

Ep69: Journaling Your Way Through Life with Deb Cooperman

Deb Cooperman is an amazing coach and journaler and I’m so excited to share her, and her boundless wisdom with you this week. Here’s what you’ll notice about Deb, right off the bat – she’s ballsy and straight forward. I love that she tells it as it is, and she likes to swear. And, she has a beautiful, intuitive, reflective heart that she graciously shares with you when you meet her. I really loved talking about journaling your way through life with Deb.

Want to learn about how to set up a great journaling practice, or wondering if it would be helpful to get into journaling? Deb Cooperman shares lots of great ideas about why writing in a journal each day can help you get to know yourself better, and help you set goals, and feel more balanced. Pin and Save for later, and click to listen to this great interview. Learn about Journaling Your Way Through Life

The theme for this month is new, and so some of what we focused on in our chat was how to start a new journaling practice. Deb acknowledged that starting is often the hardest part. Some people are afraid of what they’ll find in the depths of a journaling experience. Some people have a hard time with what to write, or that they’ll end up staring at a blank page.

Deb encourages newcomers, or those who are returning to journaling to jump in and write whatever is at the top of mind. She says some people are “afraid to start and what they find is a place to try your thoughts, see how you’re stopping yourself.” A great way to start is by writing “what I really want to say” on the top of the page, and get going.

Here’s what Deb and I talk about in this episode:
– Her early sparks of joy, with art, nature, dance, and music and journaling
– How she got her start with journaling, at age 12, and how it’s been a constant source of inspiration and refuge throughout her life
– The journey of unravelling the gunk in your life and get to the heart of what you want to do, and what you love
– Her love of group coaching work, and how it’s often easier to “unravel life’s conditioning” in a group
– Why some people are afraid to start a journaling practice and how they can tackle that fear
– That journaling is both “a little crunchy-granola and a little kick-ass”
– Her thoughts on balance as a process, with freedom, spaciousness, connection and glitter
– Deb’s thoughts on how to jump start your joy

Deb Cooperman’s website and blog(scroll to the bottom of the page to get signed up for her free “Write That Shit Down” Ecourse)
A great place to start on Deb’s blog
Good Bones by Maggie Smith
The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

Journaling Your Way Through Life