Creating Mindfulness and More Joy in Your Life

Ep68: Creating Mindfulness and More Joy in Your Life with Jo Casey

This week, I’m so excited to get to share a really lovely interview with my friend Jo Casey about creating mindfulness and more joy in your life. She’s a fellow coach, a podcaster, and a really delightful person. In this episode, we talk about mindfulness, practicing loving kindness, building a coaching business, and podcasting, along with Jo’s journey in becoming an entrepreneur. It was so lovely getting to chat with Jo; this conversation had a welcoming and friendly feel to it, and I feel like our rapport was instantaneously natural and easy.

Curious about starting a mindfulness practice to bring more joy into your life? Or are you a coach that has questions about starting your own coaching biz? This interview has so much great info about mindfulness and coaching. Click to listen, AND pin to save.

January’s theme for the show is “New” and so Jo and I spend some time talking about how to start a new mindfulness practice in your life. Much of mindfulness is very simple; it’s noticing something new in your day, it’s setting aside time to reflect or get purposefully present with what’s going on in your day or moment. Jo shares some simple ideas on how to try out mindfulness if it’s new to you, and you can tune in at 10:30 if you want to skip ahead to that part of the show.


In this episode we talk about:
– Jo’s early sparks of joy – gardening with her Dad, creating things, and spending time in nature
– Her career path, which started in recruiting, and has led her to become a full time coach and coach mentor, and mindfulness instructor
– How she’s led mindfulness retreats and seminars, including one with a group of Scottish factory workers
– How to create a mindfulness practice for yourself
– A couple of super easy ways of trying out mindfulness if you haven’t before
– The courage it takes to step out as an entrepreneur
– How to use a loving kindness meditation to accept and investigate differing points of views in today’s world
– The ebb and flow of harmony in her life
– Her thoughts on how to jump start joy in your life

Jo Casey’s website
Jo Casey’s podcast, Work Happy Coaching Podcast

Creating Mindfulness and More Joy in Your Life