Meeting John and Sherry of Young House Love in Palo Alto

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Palo Alto book signing event for John and Sherry Petersik at West Elm. My sister and nephew Ralphie met me there. The line was long, but the youngsters did not disappoint, and it was a class act all the way.

Even before we got in the store, they had folks outside passing treats and drinks. Here I am with my mini chocolate milkshake and signature Young House Love cookie. So cute!

Young house love book signing

And, the treats on their own 🙂
Young house love book signing

My sister and Ralphie showed up just as I was entering the store, and Ralph was happy to get my cookie (#bummerImglutenfree):

Young house love book signing

We waited a long time, but West Elm and YHL did a great job with keeping the treats coming (I saw rice krispy treats, 7 layer bars, profiteroles, cookies, water, milkshakes), and the crowd was chatty. It was fun getting to check out the West Elm store, too, since we just got a headboard from them delivered on Saturday.

I think we might need this couch. But check out the other YHL fans!

Young house love book signing

So then it was my turn to meet them. I was really, really excited. I’ve been reading their blog since sometime in 2008 (best guess.) I mostly wanted to say “hi” and “thank you” and share my crazy stencil project with them. Because truth be told, I totally related to Sherry’s post on stenciling, and laughed really hard when I re-read how she got “stencil hands.” Knowing we’d lived through a similar project, I showed them this photo:

Hall After

And they were both very sweet and complimentary about it. I was really touched. And glad that they are as amazingly nice in person as you just know they’d be from reading their blog.

So, I asked Sherry if we could take a picture doing “stencil hands.” And here it is folks, here it is. Enjoy!