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Favorite Projects of 2012

This year has been such a journey for me, and for my little family. In February, after Sean had lost his job and we were a one income, we had to look for new ways to make the budget work. And after we did the math, well, we discovered we’d do better, budget-wise if we bought a house and moved, than if we kept our rental.

We started our search for a home, and candidly, we went through two realtors in February and March before we found the right one. And boy, Lisa was fast paced. Our search started in late April, when we bid on this little short sale:


We got our keys on June 20th, and took a week to do the floors and paint the inside of the house. We really lucked out on our gorgeous hardwoods, hiding under the grossest carpet ever:


One of my favorite transformations involved repainting the hall bathroom, and updating the medicine cabinet above the sink. I loved this project, and loved the impact it had on the room.
Another very favorite project was repainting an Ikea hutch. I’d had this for over twelve years, and I can’t believe the difference that a little paint makes!


By mid-July, I’d started dreaming of ways to update our kitchen. You can see some early moodboards, and my choices for curtains on this post.

And lastly, a little more progress in the kitchen, I finished the curtains and created a small desk for the corner by the window. I love that I have a little personal space in my kitchen now!


I’m really excited about the changes we’ve made and the direction that the house is taking. In 2013, we’re planning on making even more updates 🙂

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