Zoom Friday: A Photo Book for a Toddler

Over Christmas, I made calendars as gifts for some of the grandparents and family. Zoom loved looking at the pictures, and would pull the copy we kept for ourselves out all the time. He would point to family, and I’d tell him who each person was.

The calendar was a bit hard for him to hold and look through, so I decided to make him a little photo book. I waited until Shutterfly sent me one of their discounts for a book, and set to work making a bright, fun, retro style book for him.

I had never heard of a photo book until my friend told me about one that she had made when she came back from her once in a lifetime trip around the world. She wanted to make sure she could look at all of her photos when she wanted to, and a book seemed like the perfect option.

Create Custom Photo Books with places like Giftlab”, she kept telling me. I wanted to have a look at her book first before deciding to make a similar one for Zoom though, and it did look really good. But I wanted to shop around at the different places that did photo books, and that’s when I came across Shutterfly, so I quickly got started on making one for him.

Zoom likes to peek under the stairs, and I used one of those photos for the cover:

Book cover

He loves looking at his grandparents, so we put together pages for both sets. Here are my parents, who we call Nola and DuWa:

Grandparents page

Last summer we went to the Oakland Zoo with Zoom’s cousins, Ralphie and Arabella. Here they are on the carousel, along with my sister and her husband. On the left page are some photos of Zoom at the beach from last fall:

cousins page

At our Christmas cookie decorating party, we had a whole pack of little ones at our house. These are the children of my closest friends, and it was sheer joy getting them all together in one spot. We also included photos from Zoom’s birthday weekend, when the grandparents (minus one grandpa) were all in town:

Now that Zoom has his own book, he likes to bring it over, and sit in my lap while we talk about his friends and family. I love those little moments with him!