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Friday Fun Links: Jewelry, Sweet Nursery, Chickens, a Desk and Zoom

I’ve found a few gorgeous things and new-to-me blogs around the internet in the last week. I figured it would be fun to share them with you all.

Mimi & Lu: Gorgeous jewlery for a good cause. Jewlery maker Michelle Watson named her company using a mashup of her name, her husband’s name, and their dog’s name (Lucca). Lucca has been diagnosed with cancer, and Michelle has a flashsale going on this weekend to raise money. Her stuff is super cute 🙂 and so is great dane Lucca!

One Claire Day is an adorable blog by Claire, out of North Queensland, Australia. The nursery she created for her daughter, Eulalie is breath takingly cute. I’m in love with the chandelier she chose!

The Bloggess posted a recent story about why you should choose your battles. I can’t really do any sort of justice as to how freaking hilarious this post is, so you really have to read it. She does drop the F-bomb, so consider yourself forewarned; the story itself is laugh out loud funny though 🙂

At home, we’ve gathered the materials to make a desk a la the ones found at Young House Love and Aubrey + Lindsay’s Little House blog. We currently have the base we want to use (an old desk and a garage sale book case), and we’ve purchased the boards we are going to use. Now I’m dreaming of some cute arm chairs for us. The desk will seat two, so both our computers have a home and Sean and I can well, game (World of Warcraft FTW) together.

Peek a boo!

The Zoom update – the little Mr has hit the year mark! and I’m planning a recap of the party, which was an elephant theme. He’s taken a first step (but just one, which I am fine with), and he has transitioned to a new room at day care.

Have you found any great items around the web? Or want me to consider your blog or site for a future Friday? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

*no form of payment was received for my posting links today; these are all just places and things I found and loved and wanted to share!