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Zoom Friday: Weekend Fun, Lemons and a Music Festival

This last weekend, we had time at home for a lot of family fun. Saturday afternoon was lazy. We hung out in the dining room and backyard, and picked our first lemon from our dwarf Ponderosa tree. For some reason, there wasn’t a lot of juice in the lemon, but Zoom honestly liked chewing on it. We laughed as he chewed and then would pucker up, surprised at the flavor.


On Sunday, we packed up and got into the car and headed to Los Gatos for a Jewish Music Festival. Zoom has always liked music, and really loves to see people performing, so we took a risk and went. It was a nice afternoon; there was good music, we had ice cream, and there was great people watching. Zoom loved the banana cinnamon ice cream, and the three of us lounged about on our picnic blanket and took in the afternoon.