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Zoom Friday: Zoom Goes on Vacation to Dillon Beach

This week we took Zoom to the beach for vacation. We tried out a new spot, Dillon Beach. We left on Easter after a lovely brunch with our family, and arrived at the rental house (found on VRBO) before sun down. We had lovely view of the beach and the sunset, and we felt the relaxation hit as we ate left over ham and split pea soup for dinner.

Zoom had been to the beach once before. Over Thanksgiving we visited La Selva, which is near Santa Cruz. He seemed to like it, even though he’s never been a big fan of wind. Strangely, he makes little gulping noises when the wind hits him, like he’s underwater. I guess he’s not sure what to make of it.

He loved the beach this time, especially the sand. I love this photo, where he enthusiastically has just grabbed the sand on our second day out:


Today we found a wind break behind a sand dune and played there for a bit. He put fistfuls of sand in his mouth, destroyed the small castles we built, and even put his face down in the sand at one point on purpose. For him, everything was sheer joy. You could just see him take total delight in the new sites and sounds, the wind, and even the feeling of sand in his mouth.

He slept all the way home. I can’t wait to take him to the beach again!