Corporate Retreats and The Big Move

The other day I got a nice email from Miss M who posed some great questions about planning a corporate retreat for her company. She has been asked to plan and lead a corporate retreat for 16 people at a beach house! How cool! After reading through the bulk of the “How to Plan a Retreat” posts, she sent me a note asking for a little help. Over the next couple of days, I’ll post more about our discussions.

This week on the home front, Sean and I are packing up so we can move on Sunday. We’re actually nearly done, which is quite a feat since we seem to be ahead of schedule. I was completely determined to avoid the horrible late night scramble the day before we were moving, which always seemed to be what happened in my earlier move experiences. A couple of weeks ago I printed out the nice suggestions from Flylady on how to move, and I found them really helpful. The key has been to take it slow, to label everything, and to do things just a small step at a time.

Of course, the true humor to me is that while I’ve done all this planning around the move, the weather says we’re going to be going from about 70 degrees today to around 95 on Sunday. Awesome! Thank heavens I have time on Saturday to pick up some drinks and snacks to share with the nice friends who will be helping us and that our new landlord will give us the keys early so we can drop off the drinks early, too.