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Sunday: Music and More Flowers

Today my sister and her husband and my guy and me all went out to Filoli. It’s a gorgeous estate with large gardens located just about 15 minutes from us. We try to go each year to see their amazing meadow hill full of daffodils. It’s a sight to see, and they let you walk through the center of this lovely scene. It’s like being whisked away to some sort of dream land. But you know how I am about flowers …

So, we wandered about, taking pictures, enjoying the sun. It was the warmest today its been in awhile, and it was nice to wear shorts! out.

After the big floral outing, my guy and I cleaned my car. Poor thing was looking quite sad, so we did the whole thing – vacuumed, washed the windows, broke out the Armor All, and then washed the whole car. It’s like having a new car.

And, since I didn’t post music on Friday, I figured I would share a little band called “The Beautiful South.” This guys started in England, in the late 80s. Their first incarnation was as a band called “The Housemartins,” but then a couple of the members split off and formed a new band. Here’s one of the first songs I ever heard by them, back in 1990 – it’s called “Song for Whoever.”

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