Spring Photo Challenge: Signs of Spring

Jenna, over at That Wife, is holding a little photo challenge this month – and it’s around photographing “Signs of Spring.” Last weekend, when I was out at San Damiano, I stopped for a few moments to capture a few flowers just after the rain had stopped. Now, I knew right from the start of the challenge that I’d be shooting flowers, because frankly, I can’t get enough of them. As I mentioned in my last post, I feel like they are as expressive and lovely as human faces. Call me crazy, but here a few of the lovely ladies gracing San Damiano.

A pretty Gerbera Daisy:

Spring Gerbera Daisy at San Damiano

A bright daffodil, which reminds me of living in New Haven, Connecticut with my friend Kathleen. We awoke one spring morning, looked in the backyard of the professor’s home we were renting, and saw a field full of these lovelies. I went out and cut a huge bouquet for our kitchen table. It was an amazing site.

Spring Daffodil at San Damiano

And, a stately pansy:

Pansy at San Damiano

These photos all reside on Flickr, and were edited slightly using their picnik tool.

So, what do you think? What kind of spring flower is your favorite?