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The Cathedrals of California

Today I came upon a very gorgeous and ambitious project called “The Cathedrals of California,” taken on by just two people: Eric Stoltz and Francesco Cura. Their plan is to visit and photograph all of the 35 or so cathedrals in the state. They’ve included cathedrals from Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican traditions. And, it looks like they’ve dug deep and gotten into the history of a lot of the sites, which is impressive as well.

What really strikes me is the absolutely breath taking skill of photographer, Francesco Cura. He is a fine arts photographer, and his amazing skills are apparent in his ability to capture light in each of the images of the cathedrals. Photography like this reminds me of why I love the medium, which I would love to get a DSLR camera, and why I have such utter respect for those artists who are able to create this kind of magic. It also makes me think that it might be fun to embark on a similar project, yet focusing on the Missions of California.

St. Steven’s Cathedral