Putting it All Together

Today was spent working on our dining room. At last report, we were going to replace the table, chairs, add a low bookshelf and change up the art in the room. Almost everything had been bought at Ikea last Sunday (honestly, the Super Bowl is a great time to go shopping), so it had been sitting around waiting for us just to put it together.

Three chairs in, we realized that one of the parts on the third chair was cracked. Cracked in a weight bearing spot. After some back and forth, we decided we should take it back because otherwise, two or three years from now, it would break, the chair would likely no longer be made by Ikea, and we’d kick ourselves that we didn’t just take care of it way back when. So, we braved Ikea again and ended up picking up a low bookshelf today, since we hadn’t gotten it last week.

By about 11:30 tonight, literally 12 hours after we’d started this morning … well, all of the pieces of furniture are put together, and they are in the dining room! This means that tomorrow we need to take the old table to Goodwill, along with about 4 of the old chairs we have. We’re keeping two of the old ones, and will paint them black to match the others (instead of the original idea of having a bench, since it means we won’t need to spend that money).

All in all, the place is still a mess. It’s amazing what putting together a few pieces of furniture can do, it just seems like we found so many things that need to be donated or thrown out – a lot of stuff had found clever hiding spots in the dining room in the last couple of years. I’m grateful to have had the nudge to get decluttering all this stuff I haven’t used in who knows how long, and giving it away to have a new life with someone else.

I also discovered this very funny Ikea Furniture Name Generator … I must say, my name translates to one sexy little desk!!