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Crafted Just For Your Group

As a retreat leader with 11 years of experience in front of groups, my approach is hands on, interactive, and entertaining. My unique approach is to craft an experiential arc for those attending, leading them to self discovery, slowly revealing larger themes and learnings. Teams work through what’s not working, and redefine what will work. Groups get a chance to interact and work together in fun ways to establish a basis for groundbreaking work, elsewhere. When you choose to work with me, we’ll be crafting a unique experience, based on your team’s dynamics and needs, together.

What I Bring to The Event

As the ‘Joyful Living’ Coach, my background is one of comprehensively leading teams, inspiring groups, and infusing experiences with mixes of knowledge building, group dynamics work, and fun. I pull from my 17 years of leading teams as a project manager, along with my life coaching certification, study of improvisational comedy (and games), and work as a ropes course instructor and camp director to bring together the best of many worlds for your team, department, or group.

Favorite Topics for Groups:

  • Team Building
  • Jump Start Your Joy (including shared learnings from my popular podcast and guests)
  • Finding Balance
  • Facing Change
  • Transformation
  • Facilitation
  • Process Definition and Change

Feedback from participants:

“It created the space for each and everyone of us get insights and inspiration and practical steps to put our dreams into action.” – Dream Into Action participant

“It was a very warm and inviting atmosphere:) ” – Dream into Action participant

“What a great class Paula led! YCP is an opportunity to re-work, re-think any number of topics that regularly cruise through your life. Paula brought her joy, her wonder and her true compassion to the experience ~ amazing combination! Thanks Paula!” – Lisa C.

“Many many thanks again also for the Courageous Purpose Class — it was inspiring and I felt the company of others on the journey — that `I am not in this alone´ kind of feeling.” – Fabiola of Change Makers Forward

How to Get Started

I’d love to work with you and your group, and the best way to do this is to email me at paula [at] and include the following:

  • Your company / group / team name
  • Desired focus of the event or day, what are you wanting to create or shift for your team?
  • Number of participants
  • Location of event

I’ll be back in touch after receiving your email,  and we can start crafting your event together.