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First, thank you for reaching out!
To work with Paula for coaching: feel free to email (see below) or set up a free 30 minute consultation by following this link to schedule a time.

By email: The show’s email is jumpstartyourjoy [at]

You can find us on social media at:
Facebook: Jump Start Your Joy
Instagram: @jumpstartyourjoy
Twitter: @jumpstartjoy
Pinterest: @jumpstartjoy

To apply to be on the podcast:

We welcome your pitch via email :). For your submission to be considered, please read and follow these instructions:

1. Understand that the show is focused on the stories of people who have followed joy in their lives, and been transformed in their journey of the mindful pursuit of joy and purpose. To be a fit, guests should have willingness to share “how” they discovered their path, along with their personal joy and purpose. Stories including hustle, “success,”  business tactics are not a fit.

2. Listen to at least one of the episodes so you can get a feel for what the show is about, and the kinds of questions that are asked. If you are a VA, please have the potential guest listen to the episode. List which episode you listened to when you send your email.

2. Answer one of these questions in the email:
How has following joy led you (or the proposed guest) to a new place, or brought a transformation for you?
How has joy played a part in a hard time during your life, or the life of the proposed guest?

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to every submission request. If we would like to move forward with an interview we will be sure to reach out.