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The Key To Finding Joy After Hitting Rock Bottom with PR Expert Andi Albin

I’m delighted to have the founder and CEO of Remix PR joining me today. Andi Albin works with big names in the music and entertainment industry, and she has lovingly built her business from the ground up. With clients like Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block, Matthew Morrison (of Glee), and Colin Egglesfield, Andi and her team focus on creating digital experiences and building relationships for clients. I’m honored to have her join the podcast to talk about the key to finding joy after hitting rock bottom.

Remix PR is Andi’s second business, and in this conversation she shares the hardships she endured when her first business went bankrupt. At the same time, she was evicted from her home and her car was repossessed. What I love about Andi is how she took that very difficult situation, took ownership of her role in it, and then began to rebuild her life making mindful, positive choices.

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And, I love how Andi has kept a reminder of how she has gotten up from a past failure in her purse. She keeps the key from the hotel room where she and her husband were living after they got evicted as a small reminder of where’s she’s been.

“I actually have the hotel room key from when we got evicted, because we had to live in La Quinta for like two weeks. And I carry that key to this day. It’s in my purse, right now. And I carry it because it’s, it’s literally a constant reminder of like, if you do mess up, just give yourself that constant reminder without being too hard on yourself. Cause that’s one thing. If you want to continue to be an artist or entrepreneur you’re going to fail. And you should remember those failures. But at the same time, you can’t just keep beating yourself up because it’s mentally going to take a toll on you. And so I just keep that little reminder.” – Andi Albin

In this episode, Andi Albin and I talk about:
– early sparks of joy of music, being a veterinarian, or owning a tiger
– her early work with celebrities and musicians after college
– how her business went bankrupt, and she and her husband were evicted, and their car was repossessed
– the internal reflection Andi has done about how to rebuild after hitting rock bottom
– her work with Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block
– her take on where live events are headed in the near future based on COVID-19

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