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Dream Into Action: A Retreat to Unlock Your Dreams

Today is the presale for something so dear to my heart. I’m proud, and over-the-moon excited to present “Dream Into Action” – a Creative Retreat to Unlock Your Dreams 🙂

Dream Into Action Team


From November 13-15, I get to lead a freaking awesome retreat with the absolutely amazeballs creative coach, Michelle Ward. Guys, I honestly can’t say enough out-of-this-world things about her. I worked with her for four months back in 2013 (she was my coach!), and she has been an integral part of my own life journey. She helped me narrow down what I love, and helped me figure out how to get more of that. I was honored to be “The Excuse Buster” as part of her Create Your Dream Career Class on CreativeLive. I’m even more “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” excited that she is going to be leading Dream Into Action with me.

In addition, we’re partnering with Earl Rivard, a musician and a dear friend who has been working on his dream for some time. His story will inspire you, and his music is out of this world. We’re gonna have what we like to call an “Earl Jam” on Saturday night with him!

The weekend is aimed at anyone who has a dream they want to unlock. We’re going to talk about what your dream is, what it looks like, what you want from it, how you see it playing out. We’re going to treat it carefully, lovingly, and give it some room to breath. It’s been waiting, you’ve been waiting, to share this special spark of yourself with the world. This weekend is gonna be the time when you give it wings. And it’s going to be so special.

There's a big dream out there with your name on it. We're gonna help you unlock it.

There’s a big dream out there with your name on it. We’re gonna help you unlock it.

Maybe you’re scared of what the dream means to you, your life, and what kind of changes it might mean for you or your family. I’ve totally been there, and I’m living it right now. It’s not easy, and we’re not gonna gloss over the hard stuff. We’ve got time set aside to talk about fear, what’s been holding you back, and how you can stare it down, and even maybe make friends with what fear has been saying.

And then, the plan. I’m a project manager, and I LOVE a good plan, and you are going to leave Dream Into Action with a plan on how this dream is going to play out over the next year.

Today is our pre-sale launch. We’re opening up just 8 spots today, and it’s my heartfelt hope that you will jump on this opportunity before they close out on July 15.

 I want, we want, for you to start following your dream, and we know you can do it. Join us and we’ll help get you there. Click here to start your amazing, life changing journey.

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