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Lean In, Maxed Out, and A Retreat About Balance

Somewhere in my spare time (ha! in between planning a wedding, studying for the PMP exam, working and spending time with my four year old), I’m also rather ironically planning a retreat about balance.

I’m obsessed with the topic, ever since my friend Stephanie and I started talking about Sheryl Sandburg’s book, “Lean In.” I own it, but totally have not read it. Who has time? I’m expecting to be booted off Facebook for this modern day indiscretion at any moment.

I love that there is another book that talks about the life of working mothers, the stress of trying to balance everything, and it’s called “Maxed Out.”

If I had to go with one of those titles to describe the state of affairs chez moi, you can bet I’d be in the Maxed Out camp. Most days I feel that I can’t “Lean In” any further, even though I like my job, love my coworkers, feel passionate about what I do. And I know that at my previous job, when I was miserable, the idea of Leaning In more really would have equated to what I love to think of as a follow up companion book, “Fall Over,” or  the third in the trilogy,”Burnt Out.” It’s a fine line, in my opinion, to give something your all, but not lose yourself (or a bit of your sanity) in the process.

But … Balance. The real thing at stake in both books is balance. It’s a topic that seems to take up a fair amount of our time, trying to find ways to live a balanced life.

I’m also really pouring my heart into the topic and I think that the retreat will lend itself really nicely to my first eBook or coach offering of some sort. I’m playing with the format, but I’m planning on pulling this together in a way that other people can use it, ponder the topic, and maybe come out feeling like they understand what balance would look like for them. Exciting!