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Zoom Friday: Momma, Come Outside

When I got home from work this evening, Zoom and Sean were playing in the kitchen, playing with “Cars.” For his birthday, Zoom got little Lightning and Mater toys. Cars is his favorite movie.

After a bit, he opened the the screen door, and yelled, “Momma, come outside.”

And so I followed him. He’d never made such a request, never said those words together before. I still marvel at the firsts, every first, as it reminds me of the miracle of this little boy, the miracle of life. 

It was sweet, but somehow heartbreaking, this baby of mine, already two years old, asking me to come outside and play with him. He ran off to get his truck and the balls from the yard. And I grabbed my camera, knowing full well that each moment is fleeting. Knowing that it will be all too soon that Zoom is five or ten, and I’m wondering again how he got so very big.

Zoom hammed it up, crawling, growling, charging the camera. At one point he started grabbing the string from my hoodie, and laughing, laughing so hard.