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5 Minute Friday: Slowing Down into Fall

This week has been one of chaos. I remember reading one blog post about how Fall is the Season of winding down, of coming to a pause, of taking a breath. That the Summer is full of growth, long days, packed with excitement. Even the days are longer, letting us all do more. But Fall, well, it’s a time to start to rest.

I am thrilled to be embarking on this season. We are getting through a Season where we have bought a new house, we’ve had both cars in the shop (yes the one was found after it was stolen, and our newer one got scuffed up by a shop owner while getting its oil changed?!?), we’ve been painting and updating, and doing as much as we can. I owed money to the IRS due to a slight mistake (Turbo Tax!) and have paid that off.

Now we’re getting near the end of all of this planning; our roof will be redone next month and with that, I will feel like I can breathe. This will feel good. And yet this week still feels like just a little more to do, a little more to plan, before we get to mid November 🙂 And then we can slow down and breathe a bit, and ease in to Fall.