The Bag Lunch of a Crazed Woman

Yesterday I got the tire fixed on my car. I drove over a nail a couple of weeks ago (I think, but who knows, really). Over the last two weeks the TPMS light has gone on and I fill up the tires, only to see the light a few days later. Booo.

So last night after work, I picked up Zoom from day care, went to the shop, and he ran around yelling about “cars” and “tires” and watched the Giants game and ate popcorn. This place was pretty swank. Here he is, kicking back and enjoying in the treats.

Tire fix

We got home and of course there was more painting. The hutch now has some yellow on it, and I plan on finishing the white part this evening. I’ll try to take a picture this evening to share.

The other big news? Well, the chandelier I ordered off Overstock has shipped. It should be here before the weekend!! Have you seen our current chandelier? It’s tiny, it hangs way too high, and I had honestly hoped that the previous owners might take it with them… no dice. She’s still there.


So after all of the excitement of yesterday, I was running late and realized I had no lunch figured out as I was racing for the door. So, what does one do in that situation? Oh, grab peanut butter, jelly, and bread and drop it in your bag. Friends, I totally made a PB&J at my desk. Here’s the classy handiwork.