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On Getting Followers and Following My Heart

I just read these posts by Jamie of “Hello from the Natos” – On Getting Followers and $herdog at Young House Love about “How Do You Decide What to Post About” and I’m really moved and inspired by they say. I know that all too often I get tied up in one of  a few things when I think about blogging:

1. I have to write about certain topics and write about them in a certain way
2. I have to write about stuff that people want to read and that will get good search results
3. There’s no such thing as a retreat and home decorating blog, so I really have to choose just one thing or else

Meh, right? Especially number 3. I want to be the author of a spiritualilty and home decorating / lifestyle blog. There, I said it. And, I want to be a public speaker.
I can see why my blogging suffers from “irregularity. I get so freaking caught up in my head about what I should and shouldn’t be doing that I don’t write anything. Or I get caught up thinking “this isn’t normal, so I shouldn’t talk about it.” Which goes against Sherry’s rule of “Try sharing more of yourself, no matter how random.”

I’m really way too worried about what everyone thinks and worried about doing blogging the “right way.” How dumb. Nothing in most of our lives is done the “right way” and isn’t it more inspiring to read about the hard times, the unusual events, the little things than about how great retreat planning is and how my kitchen took no time to re-do? (we’re 1 week in and wow, it’s gonna take forever). God wants me to speak my mind and do what I’ve been sent here to do. Retreat planning isn’t always sexy. Home decorating, isn’t either. Running a young adult ministry team has stereotypes stuck to it, as does working with a Franciscan retreat center. But that’s all the stuff I do, and frankly, that I LOVE.

So welcome. I’m a Franciscan loving, house decorating, baby hugging, retreat leading lady. I’m going to try and break out of this shell I’ve created for myself, so please get ready for a weird ride while I get jiggy ‘wid it. Ugh, yes, I actually do say those kinds of things.