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Sunday Funnies: We Have Become “That Family” on Our Block

On Sunday morning, I ran out to get the paper. It had rained the night before. I was wearing little slipper socks from Christmas around the house, so I put on some old gold flats to go outside so they didn’t get soaking wet.

And I was wearing a pair of brown pajama pants, along with a grey sweatshirt that’s several sizes too big. I hadn’t brushed my hair. And I laughed at how my feet looked like sausages stuffed into my shoes. I wondered to myself, “Who dresses like this?”

Happy Feet? Goody Two Shoes?

I stepped out the door and sure enough, our across the street neighbor was outside getting something out of the trunk of her car. The all too familiar sense of “oh crap, someone has actually seen me looking like this” filled my mind. But instead of giving in and acting sheepish about this moment, I smiled widely, waved at her and yelled, “Beautiful Morning!” And she looked stupefied and waved back. I proudly walked back into my house with my newspaper.

Who knows how I seem to get myself in to these situations.

The week before, Sean saw some ducks out on the front lawn. So we all went out in our pajamas to feed the ducks some cheerios. Zoom still runs out the door and yells “Honk honk” looking for them. (If you ask Zoom, all birds make the noise “honk honk.” And they always have. I kind of hope they always do.)

I think we may have become “that family” on the block. The one who doesn’t care how they are dressed before they run out of the house on weekend mornings, the ones who feed ducks in their pajamas, the ones who encourage their baby to play other peoples’ tether ball games. The ones who’s baby makes the wrong animal noises and crawls around acting like a lion trying to get other kids to follow him.

I personally couldn’t be more pleased with how all of this turned out for us 🙂