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Little Zoom Teaches His Momma a Lesson About Happiness

zoom marching
This year for Purim*, Zoom dressed as a golfer, a Scottish golfer to be exact. But it didn’t start out that way. Since we are on a tight budget, we’d decided to dress Zoom in the dragon outfit he’d worn at Halloween. I had dreams of dressing him as Elvis, complete with a cape and kick-pleated pants, and maybe awesome sunglasses. But there was not money for that, so I rather sadly gave in to the idea of the dragon, and well, I felt defeated over the whole thing. 

The morning of the Purim Parade, we were digging through Zoom’s toy box, looking for his dragon hat. And that’s when Zoom saw his golfer’s Tam-o-shanter and put it on. Sean and I looked at each other, and realized that whether Zoom knew it or not, he’d stumbled on a great idea. He could go to the Purim Parade as a golfer!

We marched upstairs and found corduroy pants and an argyle sweater, along with a polo shirt. Zoom’s little eyes gleamed when he saw that we were putting together a golfer outfit for him. He loves golf. He will watch it on TV, entranced. He has a tiny putter that he likes to swing in the house, mimicking what he sees the pros do.

Once we got the whole outfit together, we stopped near the front door for a photo session. Zoom was delighted, ecstatic even. He marched around with his club and his hat. In his joy, little Zoom taught me a few things. Sometimes a crazy old hat and a little boy’s imagination is all it takes to make everything perfect. He didn’t need anything brand new, or anything Elvis, to make his day the best day ever. He already had everything right here, at home. And it was perfect and it made him smile ear to ear. 

I always want Zoom to feel special and loved. “Settling” on the dragon outfit for Purim made me feel like we’d had to compromise on the awesome factor, and that I was somehow failing Zoom (if even slightly) as his Momma. I realize now that I was letting my own guilt about our budget situation get in the way of letting me see “awesome” regardless of our situation. All I could see was that we didn’t have enough. Instead, Zoom taught me that not only do we have enough, but we have the good life in abundance, and it’s right in front of our own eyes, just ready for the taking. Awesome is a mindset, not an outfit. Abundance is a measurement of love, a way of seeing things.

I don’t know it was his absolute delight in getting to be a golfer all day, or his outfit that made him the talk of the town at the Parade. He wore his hat all day (a rarity if we were, say, at the beach…), and he was still beaming when I picked him up that evening. Zoom had gotten to be just what he seemed to dream of being – a super cool Scottish golfer, and as we left the school I could not be prouder of him. I couldn’t help but be amazed and grateful for who he is, a little wonder of a boy, so full of ideas, so thrilled with life, and so easily finding ways to be happy. In that moment, he reminded me that I need to think like a child sometimes, to look for the good in all things, to remember what it is like to believe in endless possibilities. As I put him in his car seat, I said a little prayer of thanksgiving for him, for life in abundance, for my little son who continues to teach me new lessons everyday.

Me wearing the hat in 2007, Zoom wearing it in 2012. It’s a timeless classic.
*Little Zoom goes to day care at a Jewish temple, and each year they celebrate Purim by allowing all of the children to dress up and have a parade. Purim is a joyous holiday that can be traced back to the book of Esther. Preschoolers celebrate by making noise makers called graggers, eating triangle shaped cookies that represent a hat, and singing a lot of songs.

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