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Standing on the Threshold

The theme for the next retreat I’m working on is “Standing on the Threshold.” Father Rusty and I met this evening to discuss what we’ll be doing over three days. I’m excited about this retreat – for lots of reasons. It’s going to be midweek, over New Year’s Eve. It will be really interesting to see San Damiano over the holidays. Father Rusty says that the retreat usually draws 70-80 people, which seems enormous, coming in at roughly the size of the retreat I led in August.

I really love the collaborative process of making a retreat come to life. It’s fascinating when we take a single theme, brainstorm, and come up with ideas for large and small group work, possible rituals to match our theme, and events to tie in with the days. I’m really excited to get the chance to bring in The Sacred Journey by Frederick Buechner, Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture,” and thoughts about my Grandma. I feel like so much of what I’ve been reading lately will tie in, and I’m really excited about seeing it all come together!