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Unbridled Joy

The last few days have been filled with much joy. My boyfriend returned from Ohio, after being gone for two months. It is a blessing to have him home again. Now he is in search of a new job, but we are hopeful that we have a solid lead for one and he is going to be following up on that tomorrow.

Last night, my dear friend Cris got married to Steve. It was an amazing event, beautiful in the way that weddings are and can be. It is always a joy to see two people so very in love, surrounded by friends and family who are overcome and happy with the union. What I loved most was the details these two chose; from walking in to “Groovy kind of Love” played on a single violin, to promising to provide dessert, and share the last piece of sushi in their vows; it was truly a unique event. The most amazing and truly delightful moment was their first dance.

After the bridal part was introduced, the DJ introduce Cris and Steve. And then “Jungle Love” started to play. What started as a normal ballroom dance then turned into a full on choreographed pop dance routine with the two of them. The guests were on their feet laughing and cheering as these two newlyweds wowed us with break dancing moves, moonwalking and an endearing dip at the end. Who knew they’d surprise us with that? Who knew they’d taken lessons together to master the moves? They had kept it all to themselves, a surprise to everyone until the moment it happened.

There was a lot of unbridled joy last night. With Cris and Steve paving the way, the rest of the guests took to the dance floor and danced as I had never seen a group of wedding guests dance. It was beautiful and amazing. People forgot to be self aware. People were themselves, enjoying the moment, playing and laughing.

I’m delighted to have been a bridesmaid and to have taken part in their very unique and lovely day. What I’ll take away from their wedding is the reminder to take a chance and surprise people every once and a while.