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Here today … Gone to Maui

As a kid, we went to Hawaii twice, and Maui was one of those vacations. My souvenir T-shirt said “Here today, Gone to Maui.” Which is clever and cute, as long as you don’t try and break down the meaning too much. Another favorite T-shirt I had, which was blue, with a very sparkly iron on said “Never underestimate the power of a kid.” At the time “underestimate” was a big word, and my mom had to explain it to me. I loved that shirt.

Onward. I’m on vacation, and I’m on Maui RIGHT THIS SECOND! It’s gorgeous. My boyfriend and I decided several months ago to take the trip, and then it seemed it was all of a sudden time to go. We booked a condo over VRBO, and is amazing. We look out over the ocean from the window!

We also get to attend a three day conference with one of my all time spiritual heroes Wayne Dyer. A while back, when I was quite confused and trying to make more meaning of things, I read the wise advice of Marsha Cilley who said that you should surround yourself with people who inspire you. If someone jumps out at you, read everything they have written. See everything they have done. They will bring you joy and inspiration.

I kid you not, that same week, Wayne Dyer showed up on PBS, doing his talk on “The Power of Intention.” If you have not read it, I strongly recommend it. Just like he says, when you are on purpose, the right people and the right things show up in your life. Right then, he showed up. I’d started following my heart. I was in spirit and inspired.

So, its really a treat to see him here, for three days. I’ll try to report back again on the second day. We get to see Ram Dass and watch the first third or so of Wayne Dyer’s new movie that’s coming out in January.

Last night, Dr Dyer encouraged us to “let yourself be lived by it.” Let it be.