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“We are called to be fearless people in a fearful world” – Henri Nouwen

I like to read on BART as I’m headed into work each day. I like that it gives me time to think and time to be alone with my thoughts. Today I thought about what it means to be fearless, really fearless.

Nouwen’s quote made me think about a lot of things in today’s world. What happens when people act in a totally fearless manner? How would the world change? If each of us could act without the fear of being judged, without being afraid of failing, without the fear of violence or betrayal, without the fear of others being greedy – how would we act? How would the nation or the world act if it was truly free from all fear?

I feel like Nouwen’s quote is so profound, such a concentrated version of Christianity that it is hard to get my head around the totality of what he’s suggesting.

It also seems like a powerful charge, to each of us, to take stock in what we’d do if we were not afraid. Of how we would live if we had no fear. Of the choices we’d make if we knew that every one of the decisions we made were based in love and met with love from others.

And so, for my part, I will try to live fearlessly. To embrace the things I love, the things I want to do, the people I adore, and to make the right choices. I will reject fear wherever and whenever I can, and I will choose love, every time, above all things.

Special Poodle
Paula and Joseph, the Italian Greyhound at Pescadero Beach, CA