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Bookish notes: You’re Nice and “Lottery”

Meg, over at Hobocamp, recently posted a very lovely and touching entry about a gentleman in her town. It’s about a man who loves to stand by a bridge in town and wave at passersby. The town named the bridge after him, after some in town criticism. Meg’s closing sentence has stuck with me over the last week:

“Because, though it happens rarely, sometimes the stars align and the moons are lucky and somehow, for a brief little blip, people just get their priorities straight, and show the best little part of themselves, all together, at the same time.”

Interestingly, I read her entry just as I finished “Lottery” by Patricia Wood. In “Lottery,” the main character is Perry, and he has an IQ of 76. He was raised by his grandmother and grandfather and works in a store at the marina. Perry loves Hershey’s kisses and playing the lottery, is happiest when he’s out sailing a boat, he has a huge crush on a pretty girl named Cherry and without fail, he follows the wise advice of his grandma. He also finds himself surrounded by some faithful friends, his co-worker Keith and store owner Gary.

One week, Perry realizes that he has won the Washington State Lottery. The introduction of a large sum of money brings greedy family members out of the woodwork, all of whom want to use Perry’s IQ as “proof” that he is not competent enough to handle his own affairs.

Perry is more than capable of managing his money and his life, and as the story unfolds, we start to see Perry as the wisest, truest, most humane character in the book. He does what is right and he follows his heart. And doing those simple things that bring him joy, just like the man who had a bridge named after him, Perry finds the key to happiness and a life full of many blessings.