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Welcoming Music: In Your Eyes

In a ceremony in a small chapel, at a retreat I was attending a few years ago, the leader quietly put on the song “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. It was played in the backdrop of candles, low lights, and a large icon of Christ, who’s loving eyes were penetrating beyond the moment or the evening. Each of us was moved by this choice, this music, this moment.

Now, as a child of the 80s, this song is so intrinsically woven into my memories of the movie “Say Anything” that I admittedly have a problem letting it be used in anything else. I mean, when John Cusak arrives and puts that enormous boom box over his head to woo his girlfriend, what girl didn’t get weak in the knees and silently hope that some way, some how, someone would love her enough to do the same?

And maybe that’s where part of the power was in that moment, while looking at that image. We each knew that the song reminded us of the dreams of an Earthly love. We also realized that there is another love we are each connected to. I invite you to listen with new ears to this song, and reflect on the idea of being complete in God’s love.