The doors are open

The idea for this online home came to me as I started reflecting on my work as a retreat presenter and leader. Much of what I do at retreats first involves welcoming those who have joined us for that day or weekend. In order for us to feel safe and loved, we first need to be welcomed. As our names and hopes and dreams have begun to be voiced, we then look to also welcome the Spirit, and finally in turn, as we grow and become the person God intended us to be, we become a welcoming spirit for others.

When leading retreats, you begin to understand that everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey. Each of us can learn and teach each other, no matter where we are on life’s path. Each of us has a distinct gift to share in this life time, and it takes a great deal of soul work to realize one’s own spiritual potential. More often than not, it is through sharing our own small defeats and heartfelt triumphs that we experience growth and come to understand life’s lessons.

My hope is that this online space can help cultivate growth and provide a place for sharing. We must take heart in the fact that it takes courage, love, and dedication to just “show up” for each day that we are given in this life. This is an online home where all are welcome. Please bring your thoughts, yourselves, your own spirit as we embark on this journey. And together, we can celebrate in the goodness of the gifts of this life. The doors are now open, and we are Welcoming Spirit.