hope / promise / retreats

A bouquet of balloons

Sometimes in the whirlwind, its so very hard to see the bigger picture of our creation. A difficult day for sure, as every September 11th will ever be – one of mourning, one of remembrance, yet one of wonder. Personally, there was difficult news; and on the work front a project presented trouble as we near a launch date. There is much in the present that could cause me to be bogged down by the hardness of this world.

Yet, on the heels of the quiet launch of this wee site came two humbling invitations in quick succession. A contact who had been at my last retreat reached out and asked if I could help lead a retreat, in the Spring, for his Young Adult group. This one would be after Easter, during that glorious time of celebration. And my dear Franciscan friar friend, Father Rusty called as well, to ask if I might think of leading another retreat with him. It would be over New Years Eve, and the theme would be “the threshold of the new year.”

I feel that Someone is reminding me that there are other things to hold dear on hard days. To remember the promise I have been brought here to fulfill. Reminding me that while there are things in the here and now that prove to be hard and difficult, there is more. My heart sings because it knows that family and friends and love are more important than anything else. When you act on following your dreams, you make light work of hard days. When you are inspired and in spirit, you can do anything, be anything, get through anything. And it is this promise that will keep me moving ahead, welcoming the next challenge and holding on to life’s many balloon strings that all seem to be simultaneously blowing madly in the wind.