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Solocasts with Host Paula Jenkins
“Welcome Home,” The Crossroads of Joy, Transformation and Self Acceptance, Season 1, Episode 12
Setting Heart Centered Goals, Season 1, Episode 16
Six Month-aversary Celebration, Looking Back on What I’ve Learned about Joy, Season 1, Episode 26
When Joy Meets Purpose (finding your Purpose), Season 1, Episode 33
Five Ways to Add More Joy to Your Life, Season 1, Episode 40
Finding Connection and Support as an Entrepreneur, Season 1, Episode 41
Four Things Overwhelm is Telling You, Season 1, Episode 44
How to Bring Your Creative Dream to Life, Season 1, Episode 48
How to Face Change Like a Pro, Season 1, Episode 49
Season Finale, Part 1: Greatest Hits, Season 1, Episode 52
Season Finale, Part 2: Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes for Season 1, Season 1, Episode 53

Guests are listed in alphabetical order, by last name (click on the guest’s name to visit the episode):

Cameron Adair
Founder and Owner of Game Quitters, mentor and coach for those with video game addiction
, Season 1, Episode 47

Sharon Aldegeur
Entrepreneur, body builder, thriving after brain surgery
, Season 1, Episode 45

Liz Applegate
Coach and Podcaster at Midlife Schmidlife, Finding Connection and Support as an Entrepreneur
, Season 1, Episode 41

Alison Arngrim
Actress & Author, on Beyond Surviving: Embracing the Gifts of Nellie Oleson
, Season 1, Episode 15

Dave Asprey 
CEO of Bulletproof Coffee on College, Joy, and Bio-Hacking
Season 1, Episode 4

Holly Becker
Owner and founder of the blog decor8, creator of the “Blogging Your Way” e-courses
, Season 1, Episode 36

Amber & Brady Black
Owners of Serious Creatures, Artists, Educators on Hope, Love, and Serious Creatures
, Season 1, Episode 11

Franny Burkey
Baker and Co-Owner of Franny’s Cup and Saucer on Being Kind, Being Positive, and Nourishing Joy
, Season 1, Episode 9

Mayi Carles
Creator of Heartmade Blog, Life is Messy Planners, and Life is Messy bootcamp
, Season 1, Episode 37

Marla Cilley, Flylady, Business Owner
Finally Loving Yourself, Season 1, Episode 18
Finding Joy in Everything You Do, Season 1, Episode 19
How to Form Habits and Routines to Create More Joy in Your Life, Season 1, Episode 46

Kathleen Davies
Presbyterian Minister, on ‘More Light,’ Love, and Acceptance 
Season 1, Episode 1

Josh Davis
TV Producer, on Saying Yes to Your Dreams, Season 1, Episode 22

Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh
Infertility Specialist of ‘Egg Freezing Party’ on Choosing to Sparkle Every Day
, Season 1, Episode 2

Chris Guillebeau
Author, Creator of the Word Domination Summit, on his new book, “Born for This,
Season 1, Episode 31

Tiffany Han
Creative coach, branding strategist, podcast host of Raise your Hand Say Yes,
Season 1, Episode 51

Julie Houghton
Career Coach, Finding Connection and Support as an Entrepreneur
, Season 1, Episode 41

Cory Huff
Author, Creator of The Abundant Artist site and blog, on getting curious about your work,
Season 1, Episode 39

Brooke-Sidney Jackson
Mama Guide & Blogger, on Authentic Mothering,
Season 1, Episode 17

Jordana Jaffe
Facebook Group Strategist, on creating a cozy and intimate business,
Season 1, Episode 30

Lexi Koch
Intuitive Transformative Life Coach, Shares about Vulnerability and her son’s diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis
, Season 1, Episode 35

Molly Larkin
Life Coach, Speaks About Meeting All things with Loving Kindness
, Season 1, Episode 10

Jennifer Lee
Business Coach, Author of the Right Brain Business Plan
, Season 1, Episode 38

Mary MacCarthy
Small Business Owner, Founder and Hug Liaison at “Glorious Hugs”, Season 1, Episode 32

Rachael Maddox
Coach & Healer & Author, Secret Bad Girl: A Journey of Sexual Trauma Resolution
, Season 1, Episode 14

Tabitha Marie
Charity & Small Biz Owner, Blessing Children with Random Acts of Luvmail
, Season 1, Episode 13

Kris Nations
Small Business owner, jewelry designer, creating a business with heart, soul, and sisterhood, Season 1, Episode 50

Logan Nickleson
Musician, Content Strategist, Founder & Creator of Music for Makers, on Creating Music for Makers, Season 1, Episode 27

Velvet O’Claire
Burlesque Performer, Actress, Podcast host on the power of vulnerability, Season 1, Episode 42

Diane Pauley
Coach, Client Conversationalist, How to find your special someone in business
, Season 1, Episode 28

Earl Rivard
Musician and Singer, on Sharing Stories through Song and Music
, Season 1, Episode 7

David Ramos
Old Testament Scholar & Author, on Finding Hope and Truth in the Old Testament, Season 1, Episode 23

Liz Ross
CEO of Periscope Ad Agency, on Heartfelt Leadership, Season 1, Episode 21

Laura Simms
Career Coach, Expert in Meaningful Work, Founder of Your Career Homecoming
, Season 1, Episode 34

Kate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous)
Life Coach & Founder of the Courageous Living Coach Certification program on ‘Courage as a Path to Healing’
, Season 1, Episode 8

Christy Tennery-Spalding
Self Care Coach & Reiki Master & Activist on Self Care and Sacred Focus, Season 1, Episode 25

Melissa Sue Tucker
Podcast host on Addiction Support Podcast &60 Seconds of Solitude, Season 1, Episode 43

Trex Tuesdays
Inflatable Dinosaurs & Video Stars, on Having Fun and Making People Laugh, Season 1, Episode 24

Emilie Wapnick
Small Business Owner + Ted Talk speaker, on being a Multipotentialite,
Season 1, Episode 29

Michelle Ward
Creative Career Coach & Author, on Growing Up and Finding a Creative Career that You Love,
Season 1, Episode 5

Jann Cather Weaver
Associate Professor Emerita of Worship and Theology and the Arts at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities on Radical Gratitude, Acceptance, and Hospitality
, Season 1, Episode 6

Danny Wood
Musician, Member of New Kids on the Block, on His New Solo Album, Look at Me, Season 1, Episode 20

Matthew Wood
Senior Sound Editor at Skywalker Sound
(and the voice of General Grievous in Star Wars) on Crafting Joy in the Crossfade, Season 1, Episode 3

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