Co-Founder, Joy & Kindness
I’m delighted to have joined forces with Lara Heacock in this one of a kind consulting firm. We offer consulting, assessments and workshops for small and medium sized businesses with the sole purpose of bringing more joy and kindness to the corporate world. Research shows that when employees are happier and feel valued, they are more engaged, inspired, and that this ultimately impacts profitability.

Podcast Appearances (as a guest):

The Journey Through Grief with Joy on Nurturing Habit with Dona Bumgarner, January 22, 2018
Free Her Spirit with Christine Petty, August 1, 2017
Finding Joy in your Business on Work Happy Coaching Podcast with Jo Casey, May 15, 2017
Midlife Schmidlife with Liz Applegate, September 15, 2016
Hack the Process with M. David Green, January 24, 2016
Grown Up Gigs Podcast, with Michelle Ward, October 15, 2015

Mentor Coach, Tribe CLCC, 2016
I’m proud to have been of the mentor coaches in the CLCC program. You can see me in the video on the link above.

Creative Live:
I was “The Excuse Buster” on CreativeLive with Michelle Ward in her “Create Your Dream Career” course, which was recorded live from September 11-13, 2014. I shared about how I juggled a full time job, 3.5-4 hour commute daily, retreat leading, being a mom, and starting to work on my own business on this show.

Paula Jenkins The Excuse Buster on CreativeLive

I attended Lewis Howes’ “Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand” class, and was in the hot seat about creating social media strategies, sharing how I use Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to help publicize my podcast.

Paula Jenkins on Creative Live with Lewis Howes

My writing has been included in other publications, such as:
Tess Blankenship’s site: How to Manage Your Team With Communication, Trust, and Respect, August 3, 2016

Brittney Lynn’s blog: What Overwhelm is Telling You, July 7, 2016

Ivory Mix: Three Ways to Fight Overwhelm and Add Joy to Your Life, June 3, 2016

Addie K Martin’s site: 3 Steps to Navigating Change, August 21, 2015

When I Grow Up Coach: The Recession is Bullhonkey: Paula’s Story
When I Grow Up Coach: Client Case Study: Paula Jenkins

When Food Becomes a Way to Control Your Environment: May 7, 2012

Reflections Magazine of Yale Divinity School: A Digital Daughter Returns Home: Fall, 2011

Catapult Magazine
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