She Podcasts Live // The Show Notes

I’m totally excited to be attending She Podcasts Live this week, and especially delighted to be presenting the “Creative Content Jump Start” on Sunday 10/13/19 at 10am. Here are a few of my favorite podcast resources, all gathered in one spot.

Office Hours for Your Mission Statement and Content Mind Mapping:
For anyone who wants to spend more time diving into their mission statement or mindmapping their content, I’m holding free office hours on October 16 at 1pm PDT. This is a chance to ask me your questions and spend more time with the content. You can RSVP by clicking here.

The Hardware and Software Cheat Sheet:
I have all my very favorite tools, along with three items that will help you produce your show faster and easier.
Here it is:

And here are a few of my favorite episodes about the Creative Process. You can dive into my “Project Management Mindset” and get a behind the scenes peek of how I run my show and what I feel has helped me on my journey.

Shows with guests that talk about their creative process:
Energy, Joy, and Cowboy Mouth with lead singer Fred LeBlanc (episode 125)
Saying Yes to Creativity and Doing What You Love with Tiffany Han (episode 51)
Headbands of Hope with CEO Jess Ekstrom (author of the upcoming book, Chasing the Bright Side – Episode 169)
You’re Going to Survive: Wisdom for Rejection, Defeat, and Terrible Bosses with Alexandra Franzen (episode 112)

Solocasts on my own process:
Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in Four Years of Podcasting (Episode 199)
Ten Great Reasons to Start a Podcast (Episode 188)
Creating a Project Management Mindset for Your Business (Episode 164)

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