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Ep71: Living a Wonderful Gluten Free Life with guest Connie Curtis

This week, gluten and allergy specialist Connie Curtis joins me on the show to talk about living a wonderful gluten free life. As someone who has lived gluten free for nearly a decade, I was really excited to meet and get to talk to Connie. She works with people who have been recently diagnosed with a food or gluten allergy and helps them work through the diagnosis and get set up to successfully navigate both the emotional and logistical changes that come with it.

Are you gluten free, newly diagnosed, or trying a gluten free diet for the first time? This interview is full of awesome info on how to create a wonderful gluten free life. Food specialist Connie Curtis and coach Paula Jenkins share so much great info. Save for later, and click to listen now.

I would have LOVED to have found Connie (or someone like her) 10 years ago! It can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to be faced with completely changing your eating habits, and I’ll admit that I figured out how to eat gluten free on my own, through much trial and error. I love that Connie freely shares so much information on her site and blog, and that she’s accessible. If you are gluten free or have a food allergy, or know someone who is (or does), you will want to listen to this episode 🙂

In this show, Connie and I talk about:
– Connie’s earliest sparks of joy – with food and baking, cooking, and enjoying nature
– Her work as a food allergy specialist, taking people from struggling to thriving
– The definitions that go along with gluten free living and food allergies, discussing intolerance versus allergy, environmental allergies,
– Connie shares some of the top symptoms of having a food intolerance or allergy
– The myths that go along with food sensitivities and allergies
– Pseudo grains, and why you may need or want to stop eating grains altogether (they all have gluten)
– The link between gluten sensitivities and auto immune disease
– How to create love around the food you can eat, and get comfortable with a new diagnosis
– What balance looks like for Connie
– Connie’s thoughts on how to jump start your joy

Connie Curtis’ website: Gluten and Food Allergy Specialist
Connie’s book on Amazon
Connie on Instagram
Connie on Twitter

 Living a Wonderful Gluten Free Life


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