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Five Minute Friday: Break

Welcome to Five Minute Friday where I join Kate Motaung and the #FMFParty girls to write for five minutes. There’s no editing, no polishing, and then we all link up together. I’ve been joining for Lent, and love the challenge.

And… go!

Traditionally a time of reflection, of self review, of solitude, Lent has become something so different for me over the last couple of years. Yes, plenty of reflection, and self review, but instead of the quiet and retreat like space, I have gathered with a whole group of lovely women to travel the road to Easter.

Kath and I take up a largely un-choreographed dance for forty days, each day posting a new reflection, each day taking a turn to chat with our group. While it is sometimes scheduled, many of the days there is a text “I can post this morning,” or “I’ll post later,” or “Can you post today,” and we do. We support each other. It is an act of community and beauty. I love this part of the dance.

By the end of the season, we have hit a time of mixed emotions in so many ways. I’m always torn on how to address The Crucifixion. We can not ignore the truth of what leads up to Christ’s death, as grizzly and awkward and unnerving and upsetting as it is. It is part of the love story, this death. And the elation and glory of Easter can not be the same unless we have sat with the heartbreak and ultimate sadness of Christ’s death. This is how life is. We descend to ascend.

And so as many people rush off to Spring Break and a time of renewal, for my little tribe, we still have one week before we get to that break. We have a road to travel, a story to bear witness to, and a heartbreaking love story to witness. And then, only then, we can rest.

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    March 27, 2015 at 8:21 am

    A heartbreaking story… but one that points to the Beauty of our Lord! And that breaking of our hearts as we begin to understand more and more of His sacrifice… we have to do it.

  • Liz von Ehrenkrook
    March 27, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    I don’t always participate in Lent, but when I do it’s a very humbling experience. To be purposeful for so many days leading up to Easter – in whatever it is – is very powerful, and can absolutely change the course of our spiritual journey for the better.