Home Office: Rearranging Furniture for Better Flow and More Room

While I was visiting my parents a couple of weeks ago my Mom and I decided to rework the flow of their upstairs office together. We put in a few hours’ of work, and I think we came up with a layout that works much better for them, and gives the room a better flow, to boot.

Here’s where we started. My parents had three desks placed into a long narrow room, that created an L shape.


And apologies for this grainy picture:


Here’s a quick drawing of the layout, to give a little perspective.


My parents had been wanting to eliminate one of the desks, and give themselves a little more room. My Mom mentioned that she really missed being able to look out the window from her desk, which is something she’d been able to do when her desk was in another room.

So we decided to flip the desks to face the window, and dismantle one of the desks to save room.


Here’s a look at the room with just two desks against the window:


And another angle:


It’s amazing how much bigger, and how much more like an office, this space looks by just making a few simple changes.

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  • Liz
    December 27, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Looks great! I have to agree, even from the picture it looks much bigger!