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Christmas Table and Placesetting Decoration Ideas

Last weekend I was in Kansas City, Missouri and had the pleasure of doing some window shopping. What with our new roof, burst pipe, and new house, we’re a little tapped for funds at the moment, but there were so many pretty ideas, that I’m sure I can DIY my way into a unique Christmas table this year 🙂

Here’s a gorgeous table top at Nell Hill’s store in Briarcliff, which is just north of Kansas City. We had to pass by on my way to drop off a rental car at the airport, so my Mom and I met here and did a little browsing.

Here’s one of the tablescapes at Nell Hill’s, and it oozes Mary Carol Garrity’s signature layered look. I love her stores. Everything is so lovely, and she has such a classic take on the modern look.


Check out this glittery, craggy tree. I love it! It was made of wire, and quite heavy, and expensive. I couldn’t justify lugging something that heavy across the country, but I could see something nearly as pretty being made from some tree trimmings from the yard and a good bit of dark silver glitter and glue.


Another little store, called “Pear Tree” at the Crestwood Shops had some awesome ideas for place settings. This adorable paperwhite arrangement, in a tiny bird vase sits in a pretty glass bowl of cranberries. This is something that could easily be recreated with things from around the house 🙂


And here’s another tree inspired table scape, also at “Pear Tree.” The candle stick holders were drilled for candles, and covered in natural moss and twigs. I think that this would not be too hard to recreate at home; it may take finding the right tree limbs, and then visiting Michael’s to finish off the decorative look. Dont’ you just love that owl to the left? I like the idea of adding a little bit of somethign unexpected to a table scape.


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  • Liz
    December 14, 2012 at 10:35 am

    All of those place settings are just so pretty! I don’t have a single doubt that you could DIY it! I’m sure your table would be just as pretty!