Our House: A Few Favorite Spaces

It’s funny, watching a house become a home. We bought this little place as is, with a lot of dreams, and a lot of hopes of how it might turn out. Over the last five months, we’ve put in a lot of work. I love doing it. It feels like this place had been ignored for years before we bought it. Closet doors that didn’t work, a strange unpainted patch around the thermostat; the previous owners had updated the thermostat but never really finished the job. Layers of dirt everywhere. But now we’re here, it’s our home, and we work hard every day, literally, to make it better.

I find that there are a few little corners that have started to radiate with cozy style. Little glimpses of what the whole house could be, will be. Warm, welcoming spots.

Here are four that I love right now:

Our front door – I made the wreath, we added a hook,  and we cleaned up the door and the mail box. Isn’t it a cute mailbox?


The console in our living room – I painted this console and redid the bins below it in our previous house. Now it sits near the window in our living room. The plants have gone crazy, they love the light. The painting reminds me of Italy, and yet it’s something I bought in Kansas, at Nell Hill’s, a special shop that I like to visit with my Mom.


Our kitchen – this last weekend I put a print by Jessica Swift into a frame, and placed it in the corner of the kitchen. We painted the walls a dark gray, and we’ll paint the cabinets white some day. The funny chicken is from Marshall’s, a few years ago. I love the whimsy of this corner.


Zoom’s room – there is something about this little space next to his changing table; a funny pair of coat hooks, and a small basket for his shoes. It says “home” to me. The alligator (or crocodile? when I was in third grade there was a little boy named Alex who could have told us the difference…) in a race car cracks me up; it’s from Ikea and was on sale for $3.99. The basket was not in use, just stored in our garage. Now it’s the perfect place to store Zoom’s little things.


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  • Liz
    November 29, 2012 at 3:18 am

    Everything looks beautiful!!