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Finance Month: How to Save Money by Cutting Grocery Costs

As part of the Happiness Project, I decided to tackle our finances this month. As you may know, we are also faced with being a one income family as of a couple of weeks ago. So, we’ve been looking like crazy people for ways to save moolah. This week we looked at ways to save money by cutting our grocery bill.

One thing I discovered in going over our expenses of the past few months is that our grocery bill seems to be quite high. Admittedly, by buying much of our food at Target (along with other stuff, of course), it was hard to tease out what money went to food and what went to other things. But, drum roll please, it seemed that we were spending about $480 on groceries a month.

I started doing some research on how to save money on our groceries, and discovered a site that does $50 a week food menus. It’s called Grocery Budget 101. Their basic premise is that by buying what’s on sale, and what is seasonally available, you can likely get your weekly groceries down to $50 a week for a family of four. I read it over and picked a weekly menu, and looked over the ingredients for each item.

Then I went to our Safeway ad, and wrote out what I needed to buy, keeping an eye on prices. I wrote out a shopping list. I also opened up my coupons and double checked to see if I had any coupons that matched what I needed and put those in a little ziploc bag.

grocery and list

Tonight we went shopping. The site says Saturday night is not the best night to go, but it’s the time we had. We left having spent $75 on our weekly bill. We saved over $30 by shopping the sale items, and $2.45 by using coupons. I feel like this was a great first try. If we are able to keep to about $75 a week, we will save $180 a month on groceries, or $2160 a year!!

What have you been doing to save money?

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