Spicing it Up! (or a Thrift Store Spice Rack Finds a New Home)

Sean and I like a good trip to Savers. It’s a thrift store near us. A couple of weeks ago we made a trip to Savers and spied a spice rack.  We both knew that our spices had gotten out of control. There had to be a better way to store spices than what we had going on. Honestly, there was a state of chaos visible from the front door. Check this out:

spice rack mess

We did a little dance when we saw a new Pier One spice rack marked at $13. It didn’t have any spice bottles in it, but well, any spice bottle would fit, right? We got home and found out that assumption was wrong. They didn’t fit at all. I measured the diameter we’d need and found some glass spice rack bottles with white lids on Amazon for $18.50. AND, I’d just scored a Social Living discount coupon for Amazon at half off $20. So, the little bottles were down to about $10 for 16 bottles. Not too bad.

I cleaned the little rack up and then churned out some labels on my computer, using my Xyron “create-a-sticker” tool to attach the labels on each bottle. I made two of each label, placing the spice names on the lid and the side so it would be easy grab the right spice as we cook.


Now everything is all uniform, lovely, and organized. Here’s the before and after of this area on the kitchen counter. Much better!


So, what kind of crafty near-disasters have you been working on at home? 🙂

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  • Liz
    April 6, 2011 at 1:02 am

    We did the same thing a few years ago. We were given a spice rack. I hand wrote the labels. I never thought to type them….hmmm. Your rack looks great!